Holistic Healing after Sobriety

Humble Warrior Women is an online group coaching program designed to help women progress from early sobriety to sustainable recovery from alcohol use disorder by using proven strategies for healing the body, mind, and spirit.

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Strengthen Your Recovery

We welcome women who have been sober from alcohol use disorder for at least three months and are now ready to focus on HEALING, the next phase in recovery. Our clients are seeking renewed purpose, health, and vitality to create limitless possibilities in their lives.

Protect your hard-fought sobriety. Take the next step in securing your recovery with a program using proven strategies and a caring community to support you on your way to transformation.


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What are people saying?

Jill’s gentle support helped me reframe the negative self-talk language I’d been using to describe myself, as well as develop the confidence that comes with being more aware of my own gifts and abilities as I approached making some major career and life changes, with clearer vision. I highly recommend working with Jill if you are seeking support and guidance in making changes in your life. And she’ll be your biggest cheerleader!

Tali B.

Jill has an incredibly well-rounded approach to challenges. She embraces issues in a holistic way, deconstructs fears, illuminates what really matters and finds ways to act on them—all with a a positive outlook! Throughout my journey, Jill kept me focused, weeded out what I thought were hurdles, and identified simple, yet profound, very specific steps that would move me in the right direction. Working with Jill has been a game-changer, opening my world to see the possibilities I never dreamed possible.

Pascaline W.

Jill helped me get to the heart of who I am and what I wanted. Through her process, I found clarity and direction on how to move forward, something that had gripped me during my alcohol use. She reflected awareness in my personal and professional life that helped me come into alignment with who I authentically am. I gained greater success of health, happiness and prosperity in every aspect of my life with her coaching.

Jessica C.

Jill Rathburn walks the talk! She has traveled the world learning, experiencing, and, most importantly, healing. Jill’s journey has created her relentless desire to help women recover with a unique set of tools simply not found elsewhere. I loved working with Jill and know you will too.

Stacy F.

Jill is an excellent transformational coach. She opened my mind to focus on my health, implement new life strategies, and move forward to become my best authentic self, which I realized I couldn’t do successfully while holding on to addictive patterns. Jill tackles unique challenges from all angles, including her bioenergetic expertise, which significantly helped me during an acute illness, both in my physical health and my lab values improvement.

Catherine S.

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