Jill Rathburn, BSN, RN, is a Certified Professional Coach with personal experience in recovery, holistic health, and wellness. Jill is the founder of Humble Warrior Women, which she conceived as a coaching initiative for professional women in early recovery from alcohol use disorder.

Jill began her professional career in pediatric oncology nursing, and then transitioned to pharmaceutical sales with GlaxoSmithKline during the era when select RNs were being hired by pharma. Thereafter, Jill started a medical education (CME) company in ’88, launching some of the most popular pharma products of the ’90s, eventually selling the company after 17 years. As the entrepreneur spirit is always alive, Jill changed gears from healthcare to retail, and owned a successful artisan boutique in the charming ski resort town of Park City, Utah, which she sold after nearly 10 years.

In recovery since 2016, Jill’s journey with alcohol use disorder led her to discover comprehensive healing approaches through eastern modalities such as yoga philosophy, meditation, mantra, breathwork, and chakras. Jill is a passionate seeker of holistic health and wellness strategies, including bioenergetic health, functional medicine, acupuncture, epigenetics, and brain health. In addition, Jill values the healing properties of numerous healthy lifestyle options: clean whole food choices, intermittent fasting, essential oils, and detoxification.

In partnership with NES Health, Jill is also a certified bioenergetic practitioner who analyzes the body's energetic pathways with the use of a state-of-the-art bioscanner that identifies blocked and dysfunctional systems, and makes recommendations for correction, rejuvenation, and balance. Often after years of normal wear and tear, substance abuse, or trauma, our energetic fields need much attention as energy is the basis of life.

Jill Rathburn received her RYT-200 yoga certification at The Sattva Center in Rishikesh, India. She also holds a certification with Yoga and the 12 Steps (Y12SR), and is master Reiki certified. In addition to her passion for yoga, Jill is a competitive triathlete, cyclist, and spin instructor.

Jill and her husband of 30+ years live in Lakewood Ranch, Florida, while their three grown sons enjoy exciting and happy lives and are making a difference in their own worlds.

Jill maintains an active nursing license in Pennsylvania and Florida.

Please send me the Self-Love Daily Practice (with guided meditation).

Simple yet profound, this daily practice will help you find peace, clarity, and purpose in your life right now no matter where you are in your recovery journey.