Recovery Begins with Healing

Discover holistic multidimensional approaches to extraordinary living.

Early recovery can be overwhelming. Get support from a community of women who have been there and understands the challenges you’re going through, bringing you closer to the healing you seek. Humble Warrior Women helps motivated women in early recovery from alcohol use disorder who are seeking renewed purpose, health, and vitality to create limitless possibilities in their lives. Interested to learn more? Schedule a call to get your questions answered and have peace of mind.

“Jill Rathburn walks the talk! She has traveled the world learning, experiencing and, most importantly, healing. Jill’s journey has created her relentless desire to help women recover with a unique set of tools simply not found elsewhere.”

Our program is a good fit for you if…

  • You feel exhausted and easily fatigued.

  • You don’t feel as sharp as you used to (hello, brain fog!).

  • You’re challenged by one health problem after another.

  • You feel overwhelmed and have many questions.

  • You are easily triggered by various situations.

  • You are rediscovering your identity and life’s purpose.

  • You’re waiting for the change you’ve heard others talk about.

If you’re nodding along, know this, you are not alone.
There is a clear path forward. Get your questions answered.

“Jill helped me get to the heart of who I am and what I wanted. Through her process, I found clarity and direction on how to move forward, something that had gripped me during my alcohol use. I gained greater success of health, happiness and prosperity in every aspect of my life...”

We’ve walked in your shoes. We know that feeling of uncertainty, wondering when it will get better.

Meet our founder, Jill Rathburn—a certified professional recovery coach, a holistic-health nurse, and a certified bioenergetic practitioner. Jill is also a yoga instructor, Reiki Master, and triathlete. Most importantly, Jill is in recovery.

From pediatric oncology to pharmaceutical sales and marketing, Jill’s lived the successes and challenges of being a professional woman in corporate America. A wife and mother of 3 boys, Jill did her best to have it all. But using alcohol as the coping strategy for the stress of a busy life ultimately lead to alcohol use disorder.

Years of searching for answers and relief in early recovery lead to many discoveries. Jill learned that not one solution was enough for sustainable changes, but instead a combination derived from all dimensions of wellness was needed. Key strategies for healing and vitality include both Western and Eastern modalities to deliver a comprehensive holistic health program with lasting results.

A unique component of the program is a focus on bioenergetic health. Everyone has energetic pathways that support health. Jill helps others in recovery analyze their body’s individual energy map, then complements it with a personalized plan to bring you back into balance. That balance, coupled with our holistic wellness course, provides the tremendous opportunity for transformative growth and a sustainable, joyful recovery.

This is The Humble Warrior Women program.

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The Humble Warrior Women Program

The Humble Warrior Women program is a holistic, 6-month, online program that addresses your health, spirit, and vitality to empower you to live an alcohol-free life!

When you enroll, you’ll gain access to:

  • Thinking WomanWeekly lessons in holistic health and recovery: you’ll complete a self-study lesson weekly.
  • Weekly ZOOM calls: we’ll review weekly lessons and additional recovery material together.
  • A monthly bioenergetic scan with a 1-hour consultation: using the leading bioenergetic system (NES Health), you’ll receive a holistic wellness report (allowing the innate intelligence of your body field to come through) and my personal support to understand it every month. Note: while this isn’t a medical assessment, the scan’s bioenergetic matching process often shows a strong correlation to known health concerns.
  • The Humble Warrior Women Facebook Community: you don’t have to do this alone, and you’ll have a safe space to share your progress and challenges with like-minded women for our 6 months together.
  • Unlimited email and text support because we know how tough this journey can be and what a difference it makes to have on-call support. Your success = our number one priority.
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Move from self-sabotage to self-love
(and recovery) in 6 months!

By the end of the program, you will have numerous tools, tips, and strategies to:

    • Happily thrive personally and professionally—without alcohol.
    • Steer and manage triggering events, feelings, and people.
    • Promote healing throughout your body from years of alcohol use.
    • Create sustainable energetic vitality.
    • Regain productivity, credibility, and respect.
    • Engage in effective healthy coping strategies for challenging emotions, relationships, and situations.
    • Take control of food choices and learn to eat for health.
    • Experience a life-changing perception in your reality, seeing your alcohol addiction as your strength.

Are You a Humble Warrior Woman in the Making?

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