Healing Next

An online coaching program to help women strengthen their sobriety
and feel healthy again.

Next course starts: March 2021
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Healing Next

An online coaching program to help women strengthen their sobriety and feel healthy again.

Next course starts: March 2021
Join the awaitlist; be the first to hear when the registration opens.

Waitlist 2020

How Does It Work?

Healing Next is a 3-month online course for women who want much more from their alcohol free life. 

This program will help you change the way you treat
your body and mind so you can repair, heal, and strengthen yourself to live an inspired life without alcohol and regain lost time.

As a participant, you’ll have weekly self-study lessons on a variety of holistic health topics.

In our weekly online group sessions, we’ll tailor healing lessons to improve the recovery experience, while our monthly one-on-one coaching sessions will focus on your personal needs.

Together we’ll learn and implement holistic health strategies for every aspect of your life to yield substantial results, immediately, continuously, and long-term.

Meet Your Teacher.

I’m Jill Rathburn, the founder of Humble Warrior Women and your teacher and mentor throughout my holistic health course, Healing Next.

In the early weeks and months of my newly adopted alcohol free lifestyle, I was caught off guard by persistent health challenges. I assumed I would feel much better by not drinking, but instead, it exposed my brain fog, fatigue, anxiety, and depression, which ultimately led to a relapse.

What I know now is being alcohol free is just the first of two steps. The first step is committing to an alcohol free life. The second step is all about moving your body, mind, and spirit to a much healthier state. Together, these two integrated steps create transformative change to living an inspired life—where alcohol has no place.

Never in my wildest dreams did I see that living an alcohol free life would offer me an ideal body weight, abundant energy, a razor-sharp mind (most of the time!), and authentic happiness and joy. And you can have this too! Healing Next is a course written by women for women and was inspired by the health needs of women in recovery. In essence, I created the program that was not available to me, but is now available to you.

Healing Next Course Pillars

Strengthening Recovery

The entire program is designed to offer transformational growth to strengthen the recovery journey. Relapse can happen to anyone at any time regardless of the length of sobriety, so anchoring our recovery is our most important life strategy. To that end, we will address specific issues such as relapse prevention strategies, triggers, cravings, renewed purpose and goals, recovery lifestyle routines, predictable addictive patterns, and other topics that deepen our commitment.

Healing Mind, Body, and Spirit

Our unique program is based on a comprehensive, holistic wellness course and is customized for women in recovery. We review established and cutting-edge healing approaches for our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health and well-being. Healing Next has a beneficial program duration of 16 weeks, offering time to implement whole systems of healing, gradually integrating at deeper and deeper levels.

Personal Attention

I’ll provide an individual 90-minute coaching session every 4 weeks to discuss your recovery progress, your health gains and challenges, and a complementary review of your bioenergetic profile, which shows other possible opportunities for healing. Also, there is continual support via phone, social media platforms, text, and email communication with me.

Intimate Group Experience

To ensure that you get all the personal support you need, enrollment is capped at 20 participants. This way, we cultivate a close community experience during the weekly coaching call as well as throughout the program. Also, you’ll have personal access to our expert guest presenters, and a private member portal with detailed notes of each session.

Even after spending over 15 years on my dedicated holistic healing journey, I am still learning about and implementing powerful new wellness approaches in the Healing Next course. Healing Next is a great course for bringing joy and wellness into your life with practical and easy-to-implement strategies, while helping you avoid some of the pitfalls that might be holding you back. You will love this course—and you will love Jill! She is loving, compassionate, knowledgeable, and very dedicated to the healing progress of her students.


Healing Next takes on all aspects of healing after alcohol use disorder, addressing so many levels: mind, body, social, and environmental components. Jill’s knowledge and application of bioenergetics is an amazing insight into the body and mind. She captured exactly what I needed to focus on. Jill addresses healing in early recovery head-on-but also in such a gentle, compassionate way. She cares deeply, like a trusted friend, about keeping you on a path of healing your body, mind, and spirit.

Kayse C.

If you are thinking of doing the Healing Next course, don’t hesitate! It exceeded my expectations. I learned so much to not only support my recovery but my entire life. It is like a tool kit on steroids! It is chock-full of so much content and insights that have been invaluable to me. It was worth every dollar and more!

Susan R.

Next course starts: March 2021
Join the waitlist; be the first to hear when the registration opens.

Waitlist 2020