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We are living in unprecedented times. This is difficult for anyone, and especially for those in recovery. The Humble Warrior Women’s Stay-at-Home Sober Guide will help those in early recovery:

  • Prioritize sobriety first and foremost.
  • Set you and the family unit up for success, where everybody is invested in a well managed household maximized for productivity, comfort, and joy.
  • Solidify and strengthen the recovery journey with effective recommendations on strategies, routines, and tools to feel wholly supported.
  • Prepare to handle possible challenges common in early recovery including cravings, triggers, and other obstacles that could impede a complete commitment to sobriety. 
Stay-At-Home Sober Guide

Get the Stay-At-Home Sober Guide

Sober Guide Form

The Stay-At-Home Sober Guide

The Stay-At-Home Sober guide provides key strategies ideally suited for home use to help lock in continued success and growth of what was courageously started days, months or years ago. It includes:

  • 7 Stay-at-Home Sober Strategies
  • Tips for Tackling Cravings
  • Communication Guidelines
  • A Sober AID Kit
  • A Guided Meditation
  • A Daily Vitality Tracker to anchor your journey

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Stay-At-Home Sober Guide